We are a group of citizens that seeks to build a welfare society for all through a system of government that guarantees that we are respecting the fundamental rights of the individual

  • Our mission

    With passion, courage and example we make the civic activism that builds strong institutions that ensure the Republic.

  • Our vision

    To be the most important and committed civic community for the consolidation of the Republic.

  • Liberty (life and property)

  • Commitment

  • Responsibility

  • Transparency

  • Justice (Rule of Law)

Our purpose

“We are citizens who build the institutions of the Republic with inexhaustible perseverance.”

The Republic

We believe in the Republic as a form of government dedicated to protecting the rights and freedoms of citizens.

  • Christa Walters

    Institutional Projection / Strategic Communication

  • Fernando Bolanos

    digital design and communication

  • Silvia Lara


  • Pablo Guerra

     Formación Ciudadana

  • Paulina Briz


  • Rocío Mérida


  • Isabella Elizondo

     Formación Ciudadana

Our volunteers

Súmate a MCN
  • Ivana Cruz
  • María Aurora Oliva
  • Diego Palacios
  • María Andrea Mansilla
  • Rudy Villatoro
  • María Inés Rivera
  • Andre Monzón
  • Carlos Diaz
  • Julían Flores
  • Hilmar Pineda
  • Jose Árdon
  • Isabella Elizondo

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The union, dedication and involvement of citizens makes it possible to build a democratic republic.

Route 2, 4-71 zone
Guatemala City